Sunday, April 6, 2014

So this happened

Hello there. Yes, I am actually writing again. I might be doing it as sporadically as I have been of lately but I really hope that this will be more of a regular exercise for me. I need this to be the outlet for finding something positive to give to you and myself.

Although I know I don't really need to get into detail, I will tell you that the reason for my prolonged absence from this blog has not just had to do with my job. At the very beginning of this year I made a decision that has taken me a very long time to arrive to but that was necessary for me to make. I am getting divorced. Although this changes a lot of things in my life (the understatement of the year), it will also be a driving force for me to bring into my life more positive forces. One of those great things about going through these types of life changing experiences is that you get to see a lot about the character of the people around you. All I have to say about those around me is that I have never felt so loved and more supported than I have felt lately and I would like to say thank you for that. As I move forward in life with my daughter I would like to think of this being the beginning of another great adventure which is one of the things this blog was meant to be about. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to dive into all the wonder this world holds. I can only see it as such. 

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