Friday, April 20, 2012

Vendor Showcase - General Assembly

As mentioned before in my other vendor posts, it seems that Brooklyn is the hotbed of design in this area. I came across David Balluf and his wonderful line of T-shirts General Assembly, just outside of Trader Joe's at the corner of Court Street and Atlantic Avenue. I was drawn to his stand because of the fun graphics and colors of his clothing. I asked him if he had a website or business card and he gladly handed me a flyer with his website which he said had more information on the various fabrics and graphics available. I have definitely become a big fan. His graphics are fun and can be used by anyone of any age. His choice of fabrics is also excellent, particularly the bamboo fiber T-shirts, which feel like silk and are also very eco- friendly since bamboo is one of those plants that can repopulate easily and quickly. When you visit his website you will get a choice of colors and designs to create something original and well made. I will definitely be getting stuff for future presents from him.

*All images from General Assembly website

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