Monday, April 23, 2012

Bioluminescence on Exhibit

My daughter and I just got home from the American Museum of Natural History absolutely fascinated by their newest exhibit: Creatures of Light - Nature's Bioluminescence. The exhibit deals with this particular trait displayed in both animals and plants, and its many ramifications. The exhibits were well done and full of interesting information which is the trademark of this institution. You will walk through a maze of incredible replicas of creatures and plants with great lighting effects. I have certainly learned some things today which is to be expected any time you visit this place.

This museum is another place that is near and dear to my heart because back in 1999 to about 2002 I was a volunteer there, and it is also the place where my daughter took her first steps (right on the fourth floor at the dinosaur exhibit). When we moved back to the US last summer my husband and I decided to get a family membership because I thought this would be a great place to go to instill a curiosity for science for our little one and also a great refuge for activities during inclement weather. This is another one of those memberships that is absolutely worth its price many times over. Not only do you get to go to the museum as much as you want during the year, but you also get great perks like limited complimentary tickets for the space show and the butterfly exhibit (Butterflies from the Bronx Zoo are housed in a special enclosure at the museum during the colder months) as well as access to some of their special exhibits throughout the year (like the Bioluminescence exhibit) absolutely free of charge.Did I mention you also get discounts at any of their cafes and the food court as well as any of their shops? Well you do so this is a win win situation if you are locally based and have children or are just a great big nerd like I am when it comes to science and nature.

For anyone planning a visit to New York City this museum is is an absolute must see. The Bioluminescence exhibit opened on March 31 and will go on until January 6, 2013. If you would like more information on this or any of the other exhibits go to the museum website.

*Images are from the American Museum of Natural History Website

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