Monday, April 16, 2012

Architecture Geek - Antoni Gaudi

I have been meaning to post this for a while now because Antoni Gaudi is one of my absolute favorite architects. I am very certain that he was a genius in his profession and to me his work is some of the most unique and intriguing out there. It is a mixture of engineering genius interpreted into organic forms that challenges the perception between landscape and built environment. Most of his work looks as though he had carved it out of an immense boulder, much like water carving out its way into stone. His masterpiece is the Sagrada Familia, an incredible church that is now the labor of love of those who love and hold Antoni Gaudi in the highest esteem. This edifice is an awe inspiring architectural work that elevates the individual to the heights of what the human mind is capable of. The process of building it began in 1866 and is ongoing today. Hopefully soon they will complete it and we can all see the wonder of the work this brilliant man dedicated his life to.

I did not spend enough time in Barcelona that is for certain, because I only really got to see two of his many projects scattered in this city. This just means that I must go back (hopefully soon) and really enjoy his work. In the meantime I will leave you with these pictures I took at Park Guell and his masterpiece the Sagrada Familia. If you are not a resident of Barcelona and get a chance to go to this amazing city (even if you are not an architecture geek like me) I strongly suggest that you if you can, you go see all his buildings and if your time is limited then at least go see Sagrada Familia. I know it will blow your mind.

 Turrets at entrance to Parq Guell

 Colonade inside Parq Guell

 View of Construction Cranes at the Sagrada Familia from Parq Guell

 Sagrada Familia - East Facade

 Sagrada Familia - West Facade

 West Facade Close-up

Side aisle toward back of church

 Side aisle by altar

 Nave toward back of church

 Nave toward altar

 Stained glass window at west entry

Oculus at altar

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