Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Manhattan Mini Storage's Add Campaign = Pure New York Genius

If you live in New York you know there are plenty of distractions vying for your attention. Enter Manhattan Mini Storage and their cleverly humorous add campaign. It is hard not to notice these adds whether you travel via subway, car or walking, and no, it is not just because some of them are larger than the buildings in most small cities. What is hard to miss about them is the blatant honesty of the opinions they boast. I have been laughing my head off about them lately and I wanted to share with you some of the ones that have caught my eye, so without further delay here they are.

I also love, but have not been able to get a picture of one that proclaims "Michele Bachmann says God told her to run for president. How come God never talks to smart people anymore."

I know these may be offensive to some, but to most New Yorkers they are just pure brilliance. We might come across as arrogant but lets face it, New Yorkers who live within the five boroughs of New York City definitely have a mindset of their own and it is often at odds with the rest of the country. Get over it.

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Antiquarianation said...

Great article. I love their attitude. They definitely know who their audience is.