Monday, March 26, 2012

Miguel Bose - My Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

I have been having a hard time sleeping the past few months. In my many late night computer wanderings I found a folder where I had saved some of the music I used to listen to and among the artists in my collection is Miguel Bose who sings some of the most romantic and heartfelt songs I have ever come across. I started listening to the music I had saved in my hard drive just to see if it would soothe me and relax me so that I could finally coax sleep. As I listened I realized that I have known of Miguel Bose almost my entire existence. He was gracing stages of many a variety show by the time I was five years old (although not as gracefully in his early career as he has in his later career - he was about as cheese as they came back in the 70's). I guess you can say that he is one of those artists that I watched evolve from a naive young man singing about the most superficial of stuff to a mature man singing about love, life and regret.

He has had many facets in his career as a musician at times and actor in others, always executed with wit and talent. I have come to admire him as a public figure because of his talent but also because of his courage in standing up for what he believes in.Only recently I became aware that he had received Colombian citizenship for his efforts to end violence there (woohoo for Colombia and ex-president Alvaro Uribe for granting him citizenship). I also found out that he has had many great artistic influences in his life starting with his mother Lucia Bose (a famous Italian actress) and his bullfighter father Luis Miguel Dominguin and their friends among whom were Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway (Wow!!!). It is fair to say that you can definitely see how growing up among these people has influenced his career.

I would like to share with you one of my favorite songs of his called 'Si Tu No Vuelves' (If You Do Not Return). It is a beautiful, nostalgic and timeless song that fills me with emotion and tears away at my heart every time I listen to it. I may not be getting a full night's rest these days, but finding stuff like this when I can't slumber makes the staying up so much more bearable. I hope you enjoy listening to Miguel Bose and that this post inspires you to listen to more of his music (although I will advise that his early musical work is fun but definitely not my favorite).

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