Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Lovely Sister and Her Wonderful Blog

I am a very fortunate person. One of the many fortunes I have is having a wonderful group of brothers and sisters (Two sisters and three brothers), each with their very unique set of talents. My sister Martha is very special to me because she has always been a great source of support and inspiration. We have not see each other in person in many years because she lives in Colombia and I have not been able to get myself back there since 1998, but thanks to technology we are able to keep up with each other and what is going on with our children. We have also been able to share stuff with one another through our blogs, so today I want to share some images of these wonderful dolls my sister has been making from some tutorials she has been following. I hope you like them as much as I do and I also hope you go check out her blog. I love it because it makes me proud to be related to such a wonderful and creative person.


malubo said...

Hola hermanita, muchas gracias, qué bonita entrada, me emocionó mucho ;)

Nydia said...

<3 te quiero muchisimo. Esas muñecas estan divinas.