Friday, May 7, 2010

Home Made Fun with Vodka

No this is not a post about how wasted I got on Vodka.

I have been inspired by my very talented friend Pam Dayton, whom I think of as the most domestic of divas. Martha Stewart has nothing on her when it comes to home made stuff. This post is in honor of Pam who can make just about anything at home.

Since we have access to a variety of fresh spices from all over the world, I made a trip to our local spice market when our friend Josh was visiting. On that trip I found vanilla beans for an incredibly low price. Needless to say Josh and I picked up a few and went happily on our way.

To my shame these beans had been sitting in my spice cabinet since Josh's visit, which was last October. Finally today I decided that the beans would be put to the best of uses, making vanilla extract. I can't get it here because since this is a Muslim country anything that is alcohol based is strictly off the menu (and the super market shelves), so I've had to do my baking using vanilla essence (eeeewwwww).

I used 5 vanilla beans and 2 cups of vodka for what I hope will be a great batch of vanilla extract. See you in two months my lovely.


Pamela said...

you are so lovely. i would like to add that because i'm so much nicer than martha i will never be as famous. or rich. but that's okay, because i have friends like you.

H! said...

So impressed! Let us know how it turns out. P.S. It's me, Heather