Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Princess and Noodles at the Castle

The munchkin has such a wonderful mind. I think that this is the reason she is one of my favorite people. Bear with me through the next paragraph because it will set the stage for why I am being such a smug mom.

Last weekend we decided to bite the bullet and get a book called the Family Entertainer. Basically it is a book of coupons for kid friendly restaurants and venues around Dubai. The cost of the book is not really that bad, but it is something that you really think about a lot before doing it. We can already tell that it was a really good idea to do because in the long run we can finally do all the stuff we really wanted to do but that was cost prohibitive. A lot of the coupons in the book are for complimentary meals when another one of more or equal value is purchased.

After we purchased this book we walked a bit around the mall before going grocery shopping (the grocery store is in the mall. That is the only reason we ever really go to the mall. The Mall will be the subject of another post later this weekend) We went into H&M because mommy needed a new pair of cheapo sun glasses (since my lovely little angel has played and scratched up my previous pair). The hubby also needed sun glasses so we went to the mens section. To go to this section you have to go past the children's area.

Our little bunddle of joy always manages to get her hands on something that she falls in love with and just can't part with (this is why we avoid the mall and any kind of toy store. She would have us in the poor house already if we didn't). On this particular occasion it was a silly plush car and since it was cheap we thought "what the heck. Let's get it if it will prevent her from having a temper tantrum". When we got to the register we had to wait a little for a cashier to come over so we started looking at the bins with the impulse buy trinkets. Among those bins there were these fairy kits with fairy wings and a wand. I could tell the hubby and I were thinking the exact same thing, so the hubby took one and showed it to the munchkin. He asked "O.K. sweetie which do you prefer the car or the wings?". Her reaction was priceless. She dropped the car like a bad habit and grabbed for the wings exclaiming "Oh princess!!!!". Now every time she wants to feel like a princess she asks us to put on her wings. Get her in a girlie skirt or a dress and she is in absolute heaven. This has been our fun for the last week.

Tonight we decided that we were going to take one of the coupons and try out another restaurant since we are now only paying half price. Now the other part of the munchkin's new vocabulary is that she has not learned to distinguish between building types in terms of calling them by their proper name . Any tall building around us is to be known as a castle in her world. The place where we went is called the noodle house, and it is definitely one of my new favorites. The one we went to is located in Emirates Towers which are those Star Wars looking buildings in the picture. When we were trying to get there we went past the buildings, and the munchkin was looking at them and exclaiming "Mommy, Daddy , the castle, look the castle". The hubby said to her "yeah honey we are going to go get noodles at the castle". She immediately started chanting "Noodles in the castle yay!!!" so we joined in and sang all the way to the restaurant and our little princess got to have not noodles but fried duck dumplings with plum sauce at the castle YAY!!!!

I swear this kid has a better palate than her dad and I combined in our entire lifetimes. It really makes me wonder about how her wonderful little mind is taking all these experiences in and what she is going to be like as an adult.

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