Friday, September 30, 2011

Look at what I made!!!!

Last weekend my husband's cousin got married. It was a beautiful wedding and we had been looking forward to it for a while, so we could not have been happier. I had been trying to find a great dress to wear for this party, mostly because my closet at this time looks a bit pitiful and I have worn the three dresses I own more times than I can count. The poor things are starting to show signs of wear.

I found a fantastic dress at a vintage store. It is a dark blue tone that I absolutely love with my skin tone. My next quest was to try to find accessories that would compliment this wonderful find. I have always tended to shy away from bold tones, but I have come to a decision that this has only worked against me because I don't need to be shy about what I wear. In light of this I started looking at my jewelry for inspiration. Thankfully enough I found it in a wonderful bracelet my friend Chantal gave to me. This bracelet is composed of a beautiful coral colored piece of silk fabric with gold closures and beautiful charms. This bracelet led me to look for something that had rich and vibrant colors for a necklace and earrings.

I came across some red square beads I had bought on one of my craft outings while I was living in Dubai, which I had forgotten I had. What I came up with is shown in the picture below. Since I did not have a lot of time to get all the components I needed I used some items from other jewelry pieces I own. I took apart a necklace I had for the nylon string and closures and used some gold stems from one of my favorite pairs of earrings to make earrings to somewhat match the necklace. I think these might be my new favorite accessories along with the bracelet that inspired them.

My new necklace and earrings

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Antiquarianation said...

You made those? You are so talented! Love them.