Saturday, September 10, 2011

Favorite Find - Coffee Percolator

I know I have been away for a while and that I have some serious ground to make up, so let's not dilly dally and get to the meat. Today I am going to tell you about a great company and one of my favorite buys which is a product by said company.

The company is Kukuxumusu (not an easy name to say) a Pamplona based venture started by three visionaries Mikel, Koldo and Gonzalo. Their products are humorous and innovative and breathe new life into the often used bull figure Spain has been known for. They range from T-Shirts and computer bags to coffee percolators. Check out their official website for more information about their origins, store locations and product lines. They really are a fantastic company and I am a big fan of their graphics.

My favorite product is the coffee percolator shown in the picture. It is very different from the typical coffee percolator by the use of a very cool and funny porcelain pot decorated with three different bull images each of which put a great big smile on my face every morning. This little contraption makes a hell of a good cup of coffee too, so all in all a win, win. If anyone out there is reading this blog I highly recommend you get yourself to a Kukuxumusu store or vendor and check out their stuff if you are ever in Spain, because it is pretty darn awesome.

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malubo said...

Hola Pao, está muy chévere esa cafetera, buena compra :) Cuando hablamos?????
Besotes para todosss