Friday, June 17, 2011

Great in Dubai - The Art Pavillion

I admit that sometimes living in Dubai makes me feel like I am missing out on a lot of stuff when it comes to the art culture that I became accustomed to when we lived in the US. Then again I am spoiled by having lived within accessible distance of one of the greatest cultural cities ever. And no it is not arrogant to think that New York is that because it is not an opinion, it is a fact. Anywhoo at least now I have a place within close distance that addresses what some would consider a snobbish need to be amongst art and people who appreciate it. I am of course referring to the Art Pavilion that opened a few months ago just down the street from us.

Although small the space packs in a punch because it is chock full of interesting exhibits. What I find really great about it is how user friendly it is, with its spacious lounges and comfortable yet almost art like furnishings. I love that my daughter is starting to show a bit of that artistic interest with her love of the media theater where she spent great amounts of time staring at the moving images while engulfed in some macabre styling of music that would have given any other child nightmares for days. She also loves their library, her favorite book being one about Christian Dior fashion because of its Barbie like images of beautifully styled "princess dresses". I think the hubby and I may be in trouble if this is an indicator of the type of clothing that she will favor, or maybe it will make her that much more creative.

Another thing to love abut this space is their cafe/restaurant which serves what I consider to be the best breakfast in town, hands down. One only need taste the falafel that comes with the Egg basket breakfast to understand how wonderful food can be when it is done right. I am used to falafels being a compacted flavorless ball of chickpea mush that is usually served with some tahini sauce that is meant to give it flavor. Not the case here my friends. The falafel in this place takes on a new guise by being flavorful and able to stand on its own, so hold the tahini sauce please. The breakfast also comes with eggs in any style you like, a tiny yet wonderfully flavored portion of beans as well as beautifully executed hummus, and a generously filled basket of flat regional breads. Accompany this with a nice latte and you are set. Like I said, best breakfast in town.

All in all this place combines most of my favorite things and the best thing of all is that it is never crowded or pretentious like a lot of things in this city tend to be. It is a true gem.


H! said...

Wonderful place. Your description of that breakfast has my mouth watering. And I don't think it's snobbish to want to be around art. It's a human need. It's what differentiates us from animals. It's so wonderful that Ciara is having these experiences and enjoying them. Have fun with your adventures and thanks for sharing them.

Nydia said...

Thanks sweetie. I know I have not written a lot lately but I will try to change that so I can show you some more stuff we have found here. Yesterday we went to an Indian place that just blew our minds. That will be the next post.