Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great Things I Have Found In Dubai - Creek Park

One of the most amazing things about Dubai are its parks. There are not many for a city this size, but the few that are there are beautiful, spacious and really well taken care of. Even in summer the vegetation in these parks looks green and lush and deceitfully inviting since the temperatures even at night are quite high, but the vegetation would lead you to believe otherwise.

Today I am writing about Creek Park, which (as you might have guessed) takes it name from its location right next to the Dubai creek. This park is fantastic and seeing that the weather this time of year is so wonderful, it is great to have places like this one to get out to. The park is about a quarter of a mile wide and about two an a half miles long, with all sorts of activities built into it like an activities center, a dolphin center that has daily shows and a myriad of playgrounds, fields and barbecue areas that allow for a great and cheap day out in the city of excessive shopping/spending. Who couldn't love that?

The pictures above are a collection of images that I have taken of the park over the two years that we have lived here. I hope they do justice to it, because it is really a wonderful place.

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