Saturday, December 11, 2010

Great Things I Have Found In Dubai - More Cafe

More Cafe Logo

Celebration Pasta

Clay Pot for South African Bobotie

South African Bobotie (yummmmm!)

Saffron Rice

Today I have the pleasure of telling you about More Cafe. It is a restaurant chain started by a conglomerate of Dutch chefs here in Dubai in 2002. This place has become our family's favorite place to go. Their menu is incredibly diverse but amazingly enough the quality of the food is fantastic (which is one of those things that suffers when menus are so diverse), and the flavor......... I can only tell you I drool when I think about the dishes I have savored there.

We all have our favorites. The Munchkin loves their burgers because they have a happy face baked into the top bun. The hubby likes the Celebration Pasta, which is tortellini filled with ricotta and dates served in a garlic butter sauce garnished with basil. This dish gets its name from the fact that the tortellinis are made in the colors of the UAE flag. My favorite so far is the South African Bobotie, a mix of ground lamb and beef with savory spices which makes me salivate just thinking about it. This is one of those places I am definitely going to miss when I leave the UAE.

To learn more about More visit their website.

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H! said...

How funny. A restaurant of the same name opened in JC:

I guess it's Thai and sushi but we haven't been there yet.