Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wish I Were There - Jaipur India

So there is this monthly magazine that is put out by Spinneys, one of the supermarket chains here. I Love this magazine because there is always something interesting in it. Most of the time I read the food features because they always have regional stuff that I would like to be brave enough to try one day. This time I finally got grabbed by one of their features on places to travel to. They were showcasing the State of Rajasthan in India and two of its main cities. one of those cities was Jaipur, so after a little browsing around on the web I found out that this city is choc full of these incredible palaces. These places look absolutely incredible and I really hope to make it there sometime while we are still close enough to it. Here are a few images for you to enjoy and maybe even get you dreaming about getting yourself there.

Amber Palace

Wind Palace

City Palace

Gaitore Royal Cremation Ground

Are there any places you are dreaming of visiting? If money were no object where would you go?

Image credits:
Amber Palace - unknown
Wind Palace -
City Palace
Gaitore -


H! said...

How funny... I just finished a book about the area of Jaipur (& nearby Agra). It was called Beneath a Marble Sky by John Shors and we're discussing it in bookclub. It wasn't super deep but it was a fun read and the story is about the building of the taj mahal. You might like the architecture connection.

Nydia said...

Hey H,

That is actually pretty awesome. I think I am going to have to read this book.