Friday, November 19, 2010

Something Nice - Naif Magazine

I am such an addict of crafty blogs as you might have guessed from the long blog list you see on the right hand side. I have acquired all these great blog links while browsing and sometimes by looking at the blog lists in some of my favorite blogs. One of these favorite blogs is FRYD + DESIGN and in her blog list I found Kireei. This one is written in Spanish, and I do speak and read the language, but I don't think you even need to because their images are so darn cute and inspirational.

Anyway, getting back to the point of this post. While I was browsing Kireei today I saw that one of their post was about this great online magazine Naif. It is also written in Spanish, but it is like the Kireei blog because you can definitely get a lot of inspiration from it just by flipping through the pages. It seems to be geared to crafty moms, but there is plenty of inspiration if you are crafty in general. I highly recommend it and their blog if you are looking for some new sparks to set your imagination ablaze.


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