Sunday, November 14, 2010

Music Sunday - Nov 14, 2010 - The National

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Sundays have taken a whole new meaning in my life since we moved to the middle east. In the western world this is the last day of the weekend, but here it signals the beginning of the work week. I still have a hard time with this concept, particularly because all our friends and family are still in relaxation mode. Since I need all the motivation I can get on this particular day, and being a musically inclined individual, I find myself looking for something to give me a bit of a boost in this department. So Sundays are going to become the day when I will share some music with you. Whether it be old or new, radio or other media. I hope that it will be enjoyable to you, whoever you may be.

Today I want to refer you to a great band that I just recently became aware of, The National. I love the melancholy tone of the lyrics and the wonderful orchestration of their music. The lead singer's sultry voice makes the words feel passionately heartfelt, the kind of thing that makes this lady swoon (metaphorically speaking). I would like to share with you Blood Buzz Ohio, which is one of my favorite songs of theirs.

If you (like me) do not know a lot about them go to the Wikipedia page to find out more about their beginnings and discography. If you just want to get more of their music continue looking through You Tube or go to their My Space page. I will definitely be buying their music because as much as I love free stuff, artists really deserve to be supported financially. It is the best way to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Now it is your turn. What music are you listening to? Any bands you are keen to share with everyone else? If you are a musician in a little known band looking for new fans I am always looking for great new music so bring it on!!!

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