Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am happy that there is a day dedicated to being grateful. I am also happy that the whole situation with my parents that I mentioned on my previous post was just all a misunderstanding. I really took for granted that a year away from one another would make us all forget about old habits.

Since I took the week off I was able to spend a bit more time with my parents and we got to do a bit more stuff. I was finally able to walk around the Bastakia area of town that I had been wanting to go to ever since we moved to Dubai. It really was wonderful. We did not experience it in the middle of the bustling afternoon hours, but we did get to go to a museum of rare antique coins from the region. We also were very pleasantly surprised at the Dubai Museum. When we went in we thought it was going to be a look around at some old walls and relics of old boats, and at the beginning it was, but then it got better . We followed a sign that read "galleries" and found ourselves in an underground network of rooms that depicted the history and traditions of the country from its beginnings to current time. It was really well done, fun and informative. I was so glad to have done that and to finally start learning about this place that we live in.

Today started out with a lot of cleaning. Cleaning the place the we moved into and then going to our old place to clean it so that we can get our deposit back. Then we got back to the new place and the cooking started. Three chickens instead of turkey because the turkeys the had at the store might as well have been stones from having been frozen for God only knows how long in order to be shipped overseas so that they could come to Dubai. Anyway I made one of the chickens with a teriaki glaze and stuffed it with lemon grass and ginger. One of the other chickens I rubbed with crushed garlic salt and pepper and stuffed it with rosemary lemon and garlic. The last chicken I stuffed with thyme, garlic and bay leaves and rubbed it with brown mustard. They all turned out very yummy. I also made the most non muslim appetizer that I could have ever made: dates wrapped in bacon (Thank you Miles for giving me the idea on that fourth of July barbecue at our Dixon Mills apartment). Then our guests started to arrive I think we were about 14 in all. It was a really great day shared with some off the nicest people we know here. I am really grateful that I got to spend this day with such great people, but most of all I am glad I got to be with my husband and my little girl, and I am so happy that my parents were here too because I have really missed them a lot.


MainstreetMom said...

Sounds like it was a great day! Miles was surprised that you could get bacon! We brined our first turkey. Yum!! Glad to hear that things are going well.

Miss and love you!!!

K,M, CR and RC

Annabelle too!

Nydia said...

Tell Miles that almost all super markets here have a Pork section. They are usually labeled "For Non-Muslims" and in most instances they are located at a back, hidden corner of a store, much like the porn section at a video store in the US.

We miss you guys and are looking forward to April so we can see you. Send love to the girls, Miles and miss Anabelle from us. Big hugs to you.

:) N