Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Long Time No Blog

So I guess my secret is out. I am the worst blogger ever because I have not used this blog in almost a year.

What have I been up to? Well It has been almost a year since we left the US to Live in Dubai. This place is still as crazy and strange as when we moved here. We experienced our first Ramadan, which kind of sucked at the beginning but got a little better as time went on and we expats found our own little oasis to escape the fasting. Iftars were also a very new experience and we truly got to enjoy the generosity and warmth of some of our Arab friends while also enjoying some wonderful middle eastern cuisine.

Things have definitely changed a lot in this region though. All the obscene spending and projects that were expected to be built by yesterday has come to almost a complete halt in Dubai. The epicenter of everything in this country seems to be concentrated around Abu Dhabi now. Needless to say all the firms around here have felt the effect including ours so we have had some adjusting to make in terms of salaries and what we spend, but all in all we are still doing very well.

Our little munchkin has turned a year older and crazier. I am loving that she is speaking more clearly now and that she is really developing a great sense of curiosity about the world around her. I also envy hear fearless temperament. I think she will be able to handle pretty much anything life throws at her.

My mother in law visited us in August (one of the hottest months here) and not only did she survive the heat but she got to experience this place even if it was for only a week. It was nice that she got to see where we live and I hope that it helped to set her mind at ease about us living in the Middle East.

About a week from now my parents will be here and I am hoping that we will have a chance to show them around a bit around here and hopefully see Ras Al Khaima and some of the other Emirates. I am embarassed to say that we really have only gotten around to seeing Abu Dhabi and Sharja (which might as well be called Dubai east since the two emirates seem to blend into one another).

Anyway there is not that much more to add so I will stop rambling.

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