Friday, October 3, 2014

Randon Images - From My Archives

Ever since I got a phone with a semi-decent camera it has become easier for me to take pictures of things I find to be cool or interesting. One of the saddest things to happen to me of late was the loss of my phone at the hands of a pick pocket who caught me on a day of ignorant bliss and took with it some really cool images. However, as I started digging into the many I had already downloaded to my computer I found the ones below which are some of my favorites having to do with buildings, spacecrafts and one very cool lounge. I hope you enjoy them.

 The space shuttle parked at its outdoor hangar at JFK

 Old PanAm terminal at JFK - One cool looking structure

 Transportation hub at World Trade Center under construction.
Gotta love Calatrava.

Lounge at the W Hotel next to the World Trade Center.
One cool place to hang out and get away from the crowd.

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