Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Love Affair with Coney Island

Ever since we moved to Brooklyn my daughter has had an obsession with Coney Island and I in turn have had to be the one to accompany her to visit this gritty Brooklyn enclave. To most Coney Island is equivalent with a carnival atmosphere and seediness. Although this is still true on the most part, this area has undergone some changes lately which have really changed this seedy perception I had of it myself. For one there are more food options available than just funnel cakes or Nathan's (although no visit to Coney Island is complete without going to this eatery which is getting close to it's 100th birthday). The other aspect of change for this area has been the facelift its boardwalk is undergoing with the addition of the Carousel and more play areas for children as well as revamped lighting for its famous parachute tower. My daughter and I spent some time there this weekend having a little mom and daughter time. We went to Luna Park and had fun going on rides and trying to make fake frogs jump onto Lilly pads. Then we went to the beach for a little before ending up at Nathan's for dinner (of course). Here are some pictures I took this time around.

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