Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Laundry Pod - My Review

I saw this product a few months back on FAB, a design oriented website that features cool new products that range from the practical to the intriguing and odd. When I saw it this little pod I absolutely wanted it but was not so sure about investing in it. Finally I gave in because I loved the concept of it. It is a completely manual, small scale washing machine. It is Eco-friendly because it does not require electricity to run, it uses a fraction of the detergent required by regular washing machines (if you already use Eco-friendly detergent then you are doing even better), and it also uses less water. Also since we just hang our clothes to dry we do not wind up discoloring or ruining them in a dryer which helps us keep them looking good for longer.

At the time my husband, my daughter and I live in a rented apartment which does not include laundry facilities. This means that any time we needed to wash our clothes up to this point,  we would have to haul them down the block to our local laundromat. To be quite frank this was a real pain to do, not just because of the having to take the clothes there thing but also because of the sacrifice in time. I also do not like laundromats in general because I have quite a bit of a phobia of germs, and I do not trust the way the machines are maintained (to the point that I would bring stuff to clean out the machines before I put my clothes and detergent into the machines. I had also found mold forming in the compartments intended for the detergent and fabric softener and after telling the owner he did the bare minimum to maintain the machines). This was just not an ideal situation.

Enter the Laundry Pod. I am absolutely loving this little contraption. I think the only thing that is bothering me is that I still need to figure out the right mount of detergent to use because no matter how little I use I still wind up making too many suds. So far I have done three small loads of laundry in it and I am in total bliss. My clothes are clean. They smell good and are soft to the touch (even with just adding a few drops of fabric softener in the rinse cycle). I love being able to get my clothes clean at home and not having to take my chances at the laundromat and their shoddily maintained equipment. I also love that in a small way I am also helping the environment by not using too many resources to get my clothes clean.

All in all, I would totally recommend this product to anyone who might be dealing with the same situation as my family and I are, and who does not mind spending a bit of elbow grease to get the job done.

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