Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 - Off to a Not So Stellar Start

Well so I have not written much lately but there really has not been much time. I have also been scratching my head at the number of lunatics coming out of the woodwork with their guns. As you all know from reading my rants I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist and this amount of craziness is making this part of me go hay wire trying to figure out why this seems to be happening so often lately. Perhaps it has always been that way and I am more hypersensitive to it. Lately I just feel like locking my door and keeping my little one inside with my arms wrapped around her, but I know that this is not how I want to lead my life. Anyway I went digging around my you tube playlists and dug up this list that is full of music that always seems to cheer me up and I though I would share it with you all. I felt I owe you all a little cheer on account of my last few posts. I promise I will get out of my funk by no later than next week and bring you something cool to look at.

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