Sunday, April 8, 2012

Get Busy Living

Today was another opportunity to realize that sometimes in life you need to stop doing what is expected of you and doing what you need to do in order for your life to reach its full potential. For a lot of my life I have been told time and time again about the virtue of self sacrifice and doing things that might be difficult and trying for the benefit of others. Only recently have I really started noticing that the people who ask you to do this are the same who themselves are unwilling to do the right thing by those of whom they are asking the sacrifice. Quite bluntly I consider this self sacrificing theory to be nothing more than an immense load of crap sold to generation upon generation by those who have seen the fulfillment of individual happiness as an affront to their own existence.

There has been a quote by Dylan that has been appearing in many of the things I have been reading lately "He who's not busy being born is busy dying". I do not intend to get busy dying, which is the only thing that leading a life of self sacrifice can lead to. I am not saying that you should stop being kind to others but you can only do so much when others are not meeting you halfway and expect you time and time again to be a welcome mat they can wipe their feet on. I have made it a point of surrounding myself with people whom I find intellectually and spiritually uplifting and who are supportive of me and my family. Those people are my true family and I am grateful for each and every single one of them and for their presence in my life. From now on the self sacrifice prophets can bite me because this girl intends to get busy living.