Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring = Time for Planting

I love spring because to me it was always a time to get started with planting herbs and flowers. When my husband and I moved into our apartment in Jersey City, before we had our little girl, I used to plant the greatest stuff because we had a roof top garden. My friend Chantal and I used to get so excited about this. By the time it was summer we had the rooftop blooming like a regular garden. I miss that a lot so naturally when I saw these products that I am about to shown you, I felt nostalgic and totally jealous of anyone with a garden. I guess I will have to join one of the community gardens in my area to get rid of this affliction.

 These first ones are the Herb Pods sold through the Spoon Sisters website. They are not exactly planters, they are just a way for those of us who would like an herb garden but can't have it to prolong the life of our store bought herbs.

 These two kits above are from the Uncommon Goods website. The ones on top are their Garden Bon Bons sets which contain seeds for cooking herbs disguised by red clay shaped like chocolate bon bons. The one on the bottom  is their Growing Wishes Seed Kit which comes with a variety of flower seeds which are packaged in tins marked with the sentiments each flower is meat to express such as Sweet Peas for friendship or Forget Me Nots for love. Both kits would be great for any garden or as a great gift for anyone who loves gardening.
 The kit above is the aptly named 3-Part Herb Kit, sold through Crate and Barrel. It is a window herb garden that comes with seeds for Oregano, Cilantro and Basil. Pretty straight forward and it makes a great window decoration.

 This last product is one of my favorites. It is a kit for planting any kind of garden (herb, flower, wild flowers, etc.) that comes packaged in a matchbook sold through the aptly named matchstick garden website. I think this would make a great starter gardening set for children, or you could do as they say in the website and give these as either wedding or party favors. Either way it is a great product packaged in a fun creative way.

Now I am going to leave you because I must scheme to see how I can get myself a plot of garden to plant and quench this desire to grow something.

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