Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scout Creative - Fun & Creative Crafts For All

I am not sure how to describe the group of individuals from Scout Creative, except to say how wonderfully creative they are and how much I love their work. I first found them while I was looking for ways to keep my little one occupied on a long flight (14 hours to be specific. YIKES!) I started looking for crafts we could easily carry on the plane and have fun with. One of those I selected was the paper elephant pictured above which was created by them while they were known as Curiosity Group (and which my daughter and I just finished putting together with the help of their intricate instructions). I found it again about a month ago and tried to go on the Curiosity Group website and since I could not access it I wrote an e-mail to the address noted. Not to long after I got a response from Cheyenne, their creative director telling me about their new name and giving me their web address.

I am in love with them all over again. Their blog is awesome and full of great content and fun crafts. I totally recommend it to everyone, kids or not. You will always find something to make you smile and to keep your mind active. Do check them out if you have not done so already. You will never look at things the same way again.

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