Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vendor Showcase - Revel Handmade Goodness

Today I am totally being a pimp for my friend's business because I am just a big fan of hers in general. I cannot say enough good things about Pamela Dayton. Truthfully she is amazingly talented and the sweaters she made for my little girl have me over the moon. Heed my words, if you are looking for something special, unique and absolutely awesome for your kids to wear this winter season, her sweaters are definitely it. She also has a bunch of incredibly useful stuff for new moms like her reusable waterproof sacks and podegis so that you can tote your little one around with ease and style. Now why are you still reading this? Go to her Etsy shop, check out her stuff and if you want a sweater made for your little one contact her so that she can make you something AWESOME!!!!


Jenni said...

Those sweaters are gorgeous!

Nydia said...

Thank you Jenni. I totally agree and that is why props needed to be given to the talented Pamela. I love your blog and it will be added to the blog roll. Hope you have very happy holidays.