Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Want It : Owl Wares from West Elm

 Sugar Shaker
 Dessert Plates
 Measuring bowls
 Figurative Owl Mug

I will admit that when it comes to home decor I have never been a fan of the whole owl concept. I think it had something to do with one of my mom's friends and her obsession with owls. Everything in her house was all about owls. However, (emotional scaring via decor aside) after I saw these beauties on the latest West Elm catalog, I can contemplate the notion of adding a little owl motif to my home. I love West Elm because they are always so good at putting together great products with a contemporary and elegant style. These are just some of the items on this collection. My favorites are the measuring bowls.

Images are from the West Elm Website

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