Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Want It!!! - Something to get organized

Today I am thinking about ways to make my humble abode a bit more organized. We moved into a smaller apartment about two weeks ago and so we need to find places to put our stuff without making the apartment look too crowded. I went to a couple of places but only two things seemed appropriate; The wonderful media and storage unit by Crate and Barrel and the Stockholm storage boxes from The Container Store. Now if only I could get my hands on them.

I am also contemplating the options for a bulletin board where we can display the munchkin's artwork. I love her great imagination and her drawings are getting so much more interesting. She must have a place to showcase her beautiful handiwork.

Since the hubby and I foresee a very busy couple of years ahead with work it is also fitting that we should get ourselves a ginormous calendar so we don't loose track of upcoming travel and meetings for work just so we don't wind up conflicting with each others' schedule. The magnetic, erasable calendar from The Container store would be very ideal for this. I will have to search around here for a viable substitute. Oh container store, when will you grace us with your presence in the middle east?


Pamela said...

Jon made an erasable calendar from a dollar store picture frame. He painted the back of the paper insert, and when it was dry put it back in the frame. You write on the glass (plastic) with dry erase markers, and I suppose you could even have two of the calendars, one for this month and one for next month. Then by the time next month rolls around you already have your calendar all set up (and probably filled in). I can send you a pic if you want it.

Nydia said...

I would love to see pictures of your calendar. Great idea!!! You guys are awesome :)