Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am Back!!!

Sorry for the long break. I have been in a bit of a withdrawn state and kind of mental funk. Thankfully enough the blogs listed on my blog list have given me a bit of a break from that state of mind and I thank each and everyone who puts them together for the wonderful inspiration they give me on a daily basis.

To get back into things I would like to share with you the party favors i put together for my munchkin's birthday to give to her classmates. I had to think very hard about what would be age appropriate for 3 year old children. According to her teacher the contents of the bags were very cute and age appropriate so I am glad to have gotten it right. Plus I am also glad that they did not cost a lot to make either.

Here are the contents of her party favors:

I made the party favor bags. It was 12 of them for which I only spent 20 Dirhams (about $8) for two sheets of paper. The rainbow modeling clay I put together after buying 2 activity buckets (which included all the different clay colors and the cute cookie cuter mold shown in the picture). Each bucket cost me only 13 Dirhams (about $4). The bubble wands were 10 Dirhams (about $3) for a pack of four, and the stickers I took out of a book that I bought for some English lessons I was trying to put together for one of my nephews. I hope the kids liked their favors and that they enjoyed them.

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H! said...

Very cute and creative! Love the rainbow clay idea.