Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here is to Romance and to Gentlemen

My husband never ceases to surprise me. The last thing I would have him pegged as would be a romantic, but today he has really put me to shame. It was he who remembered that 10 years ago today we kissed for the first time. What floored me even more is that he remembered the exact location where it happened (please do not read anything dirty into this because this is not that type of blog or story).

All I am saying is that while we women often pride ourselves on being sentimental and romantic, when men really want to they can beat us in this area without a problem. I am a total sucker for romantic gestures, so I am glad to see that my husband can still make my heart go racing (in a good way) by doing the stuff that matters. Thank you honey for reminding me of great stuff like this.

I chose the image above by Doisenau because to me it is the best depiction of a great kiss, which is exactly how I felt about the one my husband and I shared 10 years ago.

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Pamela said...

That was so sweet of him.
Jon remembers stuff like that, too.