Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun with Chickpea Flour

When our friends Colette and Kalus left Dubai they gave us a big bag full of spices that Collette had been experimenting with. She wanted to learn about middle eastern cuisine and so she got herself a bunch of stuff from the spice souq (Souq= market/bazzar) in Deira (the old part of Dubai east of the creek). I have been meaning to look up recipes to make with all the different spices but I keep putting it off. Anyway, in that big bag of spices was a bag labeled gram flour. I had no idea what it was this whole time until finally today I started looking up what this ingredient could be. It turns out that it is chickpea flour. It also goes by these names; garbanzo flour or besam.

What can you possibly make with chickpea flour? Well it turns out that you can actually make one type of tofu with this wonderful ingredient. It is called Burmese tofu. I found the recipe at We are going to try to make it because we are hoping that it will be the same type of tofu we used to love eating at one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in NYC called Zen Palate. I will let you know how this little experiment turns out because we should find out by tomorrow if we managed it. Meantime we are going to make ourselves some hummus with the remaining flour just to see if it works.

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H! said...

Ooo. Sounds fun. Let us know how it turns out. I loved Zen Palate too!