Monday, September 6, 2010

Burmese Tofu Try One = Failure

OK so try number one was fruitless, not to mention stinky. There were quite a few contributing factors to our utter failure in this endeavor:

1. We decided to try it out using just one cup of the gram four and five cups of water instead of the quantities the recipe called for. By doing this we did not have enough material to create a dense enough mass to make up the tofu.

2. We left the flour soaking for over a day which was probably too much time and probably sent the flour well on its way to decay. This is what I think caused the water to smell like super stinky feet when we did the step where you had to boil the flour laden cloudy water.

To sum it up this first try stunk (quite literally), but not enough to deter us from wanting to try to do it again. Next time we will make sure to follow the recipe very closely and adhere to the time constraints given. I will make sure to write again to let you know how our second try goes.

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