Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tired of the over-sensitive types

This week has been a real hard one to swallow in some ways. I don't know if I am becoming insensitive or if others around me are becoming uber sensitive.

One of my friends told me I had been dry with her when because I gave her a short response in an e-mail trying to make light of a bad situation. She has been having some health issues lately and was telling me about it. My response to her was "I have been having some issues myself, but at least the hemorrhoids aren't acting up today." I wanted to make her smile or chuckle because I was making myself sound like an old woman who is on the verge of falling apart. Needless to say this was not very humorous to my friend and I was made to feel like I was an insensitive b*****.

A few days ago, I was requested to attend a presentation review for one of the design teams at work. I was told by one of my colleagues that my boss really wanted my input on this because he needs the project to get past a cumbersome point since the team has not been able to sell the client on their concept. When we were halfway into the presentation we were told by one of the team members that the presentation had already been sent to the client. I was a bit confused about why they would have us come in to comment on something that had already been sent since the process as it should go would be to present first to see where the presentation needs work, revise the presentation and then send to the client. The team leader did not have a good response on this. Mind you that when we started the presentation review I had already spotted several items that were not client material worthy and had noted them to the team. These items included improper use of the English language and bad formating around the margins of the slides, which made the presentation not only incoherent but sloppy. After I told the team what I thought about these issues, one of the team members went into the bathroom and came out a few minutes later crying her eyes out. My boss, with whom I spoke about the situation said that he fully agreed with my comments about the presentation, but thought that I could have been a bit more diplomatic about how I said things ( he also thought that the girl who came out crying was overreacting). The way I see it I would be doing my company a disservice if I allow substandard material to go out to our clients, but somehow I am a B****** for being honest and for wanting better product to be put out by my colleagues. I did not say anything other than "when items are formatted like this it makes the content on the slide look sloppy." Nothing worse that that was said.

Why is it that being honest or trying make light of things can be so wrong to some people? Why are some people so friggin over-sensitive?


The Mister said...

My policy at work is:

The righteous have nothing to fear.

My tendency to tell it like it is with no regard for politics or anything else for that matter has made me a pretty popular guy at work. Except, of course, for people who are hiding something. :)

Nydia said...

Thanks Mister.

I am sure that I am abrasive to some but the way I see it is that if you can't take the heat you need to get yourself out of the kitchen.

I may not be the nice person who wants everyone to like her, but people know who to come to when they want things done the right way. That is all the motivation I need.