Saturday, May 29, 2010

The experiment after month 1

Just to refresh your memory about my so called experiment, the goal is to see how frugal one can be in Dubai (A.K.A. land of excessive spending). So far it has not been so bad except for my one downfall wich was dim sum.

So far the hubby and I managed to have a 10 Dirham (about $3 USD) outing and we have managed to almost half our transportation expenses by not doing a monthly car rental and trying out public transportation instead. I have to say that we have been very lucky because we live only two metro stops away from work and that the munchkin's daycare is right by where our workplace is. We will actually manage to end the month with a little cash in the bank account (not as much as I had hoped but then again I did get some new stuff for our place in order to make it a bit more cozy and to get it ready for the hubby's cousin's visit).

All in all it has been a good experience. I love the metro system because it is clean and peaceful. I did get the gold card for it even though it is a little bit more expensive, but it is great to not have to push and shove into the regular cabins with the munchkin and her stroller. I am also more stress free from not having to contend with crazy Emirati or rude expat drivers who think that driving a (put your high end label car here) is a free pass so they can act like a$$#*!es on the road.

Next month I am not expecting to be able to save much because we will hosting the hubby's cousin and certain exceptions must be allowed to be able to show him around this crazy place.

(**I want to say that I hope I don't come across as completely negative about what I am experiencing here in the UAE. I know that some of my comments can be construed as being negative and in some instances they are (especially when it comes to my pet peeves: pretentious people and those who are disrespectful of others), but I really want to stress that although this is not my home land, it really is a beautiful place with lots of things to discover. I am really looking forward to seeing more of this country and the others around it, and I am also looking forward to sharing those little discoveries with whoever wants to read this blog).


The Mister said...

The stingy Scottish part of me is applauding loudly!

Nydia said...

Thanks mister. I am pinching our pennies so hard that they are screaming at me. I hope that this pays off for us because I want to be home sooner rather than later.