Friday, May 14, 2010

Cheapest Dubai Outing Yet

As mentioned in my previous post, I am attempting a lifestyle experiment to see if it is possible to do a family outing in Dubai without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Last night was the cheapest outing we have had as a family thus far. After picking up the munchkin from daycare I got our picnic cooler out and gathered up this week's left overs (jasmine rice, chicken lasagna, and the left over filling for said lasagna), oven baked some chicken drumsticks for the munchkin, and a bottle of water. I heated up the food and put it in the insulated bag to keep it warm. After my husband got back from work, we made our way to this little park island that was created within the lake where the Dubai fountain is (which is right next to the Burj kalifah - currently the tallest building in the world), because we live about two blocks away from it. The only thing we paid for in the entire evening was 10 Dirhams (aprox. 3 dollars) for the munchkin to ride one of the kiddie rides along the Burj boulevard.

Not only was our food delicious ( because I made it and it is so), but we got a fantastic view of the fountain and caught about three different water shows while we ate in blissful, breezy calm. The munchkin got to run around as much as she wanted and all was good in the world. Yay for cheap evenings out. :)


The Mister said...

I think people that go on big expensive trips totally miss out on the simple joys to be found on a blanket in the grass. Good on ya mates!

John Decade said...

Thanks for sharing.

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