Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who is taking care of who?

Lately we have been having a lot of fun with the munchkin because her verbal skills have been improving and the stuff that is coming out of her mouth is pure comedy.
Today was a particularly great view into what the hubby and I will be experiencing when our adult diapers days come around.
She walks up to the hubby sticks her hand into the back of his pants, brings it out and exclaims "poopy!!"
The hubby just laughs and tells her "No honey, no poopy"
She says "OK poopy" goes to the our bag drawer in the kitchen, grabs a bag and says "'cmon daddy" and gestures for him to follow. She leads him to her room and tells him to lie down on the couch, grabs one of her wipes, lifts his shirt and wipes his stomach. When the hubby tries to get up she tells him in a commanding tone "No you stay there". She was totally imitating me because this is our routine when I change her diapers, but listening to this from where I was, it was pretty funny. I guess I should feel proud that the hubby and I will be in good hands when we need to have our diapers changed.

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The Mister said...

I used to have Miss O put me to bed. She would stamp her foot and point me back in to bed when I tried to get up.