Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Emergency Room Visit #1

There are a few times when my little bundle of joy makes me want to smack the ever living crap out of her because she has scared the ever living crap out of me unnecessarily. Today was probably the worst case of this.

Our wonderful little girl decided that it would be a great idea to shove something into her nose (mind you this was not her first time, but it was the scariest for both the hubby and I). The great thing is that this happened while she was in daycare. When and how she was able to accomplish this feat with the amount of attention that she gets there is completely beyond my comprehension, but she is a devious little devil and always finds a way of getting into trouble.

I picked her up from daycare without there being any warning signs of what the hubby and I would find hours later. The only hint I may have gotten was her saying "nose?" to which my natural reaction was to think that maybe she was congested and needed to get her boogies sucked out. I did without even noticing that there was anything lodged in her nostril.

After the hubby got back we had dinner, and then he started chasing her around. After a bit she lay down on the kitchen floor and started crying for no apparent reason, but then she started saying "nose, nose" more persistently so the hubby and I attempted to look up her nose as she wiggled and squirmed. Finally we got something that had a light that allowed us a view. What I saw was something that looked red but had a bit deeper tone than the surrounding tissue in her nostril, but it was really deep in there so unless we had taken the trouble to look for it it would not have been easily seen. I thought maybe she had found a piece of strawberry and decided to shove it in her nose. I had the hubby lay her down and tried to get the obstruction to budge, but once I stated trying I noticed there was a bit of tension and that the item was not budging so the hubby and I started getting worried. I started getting frantic from the inability of getting the thing to move. The hubby started saying that it might be that the tissue in the nose had gotten sore and swollen. Since all we could see was red, this was the most plausible theory so we rushed to the hospital.

After the doctor took a look up her nose while she cried holy murder and wiggled and struggled, the doctor calmly said that it was not tissue. There was definitely something lodged in her nostril. The doctor went out and came back with a contraption that looked like scissors. He proceeded to extract what was in her nose. What came out was a piece of red foam that was slightly smaller than a quarter.

How in the name of holy hell did she do that???? I swear this kid is going to put me in a hospital if she doesn't drive me into poverty first from all the crap she breaks and all the doctor visits we have to pay for. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? A glimmer of hope that it will not always be like this? I am a mom on the edge. How much more friggin neurotic can I possibly get?


MainstreetMom said...

I reassure myself that I will no longer stress after I die.


Pamela said...

one time jack went to the er, and then another bigger scarier er, because he aspirated part of an easter basket.

the lesson?

the easter bunny is an agent of death and destruction, and he hates little children.

we converted to islam immediately.

Nydia said...

OMFG Pam!!! You made me loos my S#!t. You are too funny. M says Salam since you are a follower of Islam. You girls are great thanks for making this fun.